What can you expect when you choose
to have a website designed by C & H?

We don't want to just create a website. We want to create a website that is going to tell a story. A website that will make a person feel like they are taking a walk through the house. They will see all the possibilities the property offers. To do that, we will have an initial consultation with you to discuss the property and get a feel for it. The consultation will cover what information will be needed and the timeline for the construction of the website.  The more information, descriptions, videos, and pictures of the property that are provided, the more immersive the website will be. Once the website has been completed, you will be able to view it at your leisure and note any adjustments you would like to make. After the changes have been made and the site goes live, you will be able to use it as the centerpiece of all your marketing and advertising.

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